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Milfoil Information Meeting
Milfoil Information Meeting
Milfoil Information Meeting

On July 7, 2022, at the Gouverneur Community Center, the Sylvia Lake Association and the Milfoil Task Force presented an informational meeting to inform lake residents about the status of our on-going battle against invasive Eurasian Milfoil.

Guests and panel members included Sandy Kraker, SLA President, who welcomed lakers and introduced officers, board, and guests. The meeting was moderated by Lea Dickson and Mike Tersmette. Part one of the meeting was the four panelists each doing a 10 minute presentation on:

- Sandy Kraker- RE: Overview of the history of the community’s effort to manage water milfoil 2004-2022.
- Dominic Jude, Aqualogic - RE: 2022 Milfoil hand harvest update and status.
- Glen Sullivan, Solitude Lake Management - RE: Limited herbicide use.
- Ralph Undercoffler- RE: Other options. Examples: machine harvesting, aeration, and doing nothing, leaving management to each neighborhood.

Once the panelists presented, the audience had a break and requests to write questions about the presentations and the Milfoil issue, on index cards. During the second part of the evening, panelists answered as many questions as possible until 8:30PM. People were encouraged to do "one-on-ones" with panelists, SLA Board and Milfoil Task Force members.

Both parts of the meeting were recorded and are available on the Sylvia Lake website. (Click the link to see the videos.)

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Milfoil Information Meeting
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