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Sylvia Lake in Print 2007

This letter below was mailed to all property owners in 2004. 

Dear Sylvia Lake Community, 

It never fails…at any gathering of Sylvia Lake folks, the subject of “the book” always comes up. It has become the ultimate Sylvia Lake authority. “Who owned that camp next to so-and-so? And always, someone will ask, “When is the book going to be updated?"

“The book” is Sylvia Lake, Gouverneur, New York: History and Genealogy 1800 to 1980, published by the Pendell Company in 1981. It was written and compiled by Sylvia Lake residents. If your camp has a copy, it is highly prized, if you don’t have a copy, you are probably looking for one. 

This year, another determined group of Sylvia Lakers plans to update and publish a new Sylvia Lake book. A committee, headed by Katie Pistolesi, is gathering property information and history. Every camp on the lake will be represented in our new book. Our goal is to include, tucked into the back of the new book, a CD, containing the contents of the 1980’s book.

Technology, new kinds of self-publishing opportunities, and a generous gift from the children of Andrew and Norinne Dickson, allow us to make the book available to the Sylvia Lake community. But we need your cooperation. Please complete the enclosed form and return it to the committee. Please include a snapshot for us to scan (write your contact info on the back) or send a digital photograph of your camp. You have multiple ways to submit the information, by US mail, email, or with an Internet form.

In addition to camp profiles, we plan to include stories about some of the history, features, geology, and other lake lore that make Sylvia Lake so special. If you have any ideas about this, or would like to write a feature story, please include them in your correspondence to the committee. 

Thank you from the Sylvia Lake Book Committee


The Sylvia Lake Book Committee 2007

Jeanette Perry, Mary Whalen, Olive Horning, Katie Pistolesi, Linda Scott, Marilyn LaPierre, Shari Barnhart, Crystal Leonard (not in photo)


The Sylvia Lake Book 2007

Three years in the making.

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