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Sylvia Lake Association
Preserving, Protecting, and Promoting the Welfare of Sylvia Lake since 1968

The Association provides community social activities: a summer kick off party, concert, community picnic (currently on haitus) a boat parade, regatta trophies, Ice Out mugs, annual meeting social hour, a website, an online store, data management, photo contest awards, and other community projects like the 911 and First Responders project. Water testing to monitor the health of the lake is done by the Association, as are other health & safety projects.

The organization is managed by volunteers and funded by fundraising projects, donations and membership dues. Association members are informed about community activities through Association mailings, newsletters, and of course, this website.

There has been an active Sylvia Lake Association since 1919, although the first organizations were separate entities. The first was formed in 1919, at a meeting of property owners. The Gouverneur Northern Tribune (11/19/19) reported that the association's "plans included extensive improvements both on the property at the lake and on the road leading to the grounds. With the completion of the imporvements as planed, the coming season promises to exceed that of 1919 which was one of the most popular ever known in the history of the resort."

That resort, of course, was the Sylvia Lake hotel.

The second association was organized in the 1930's... the third, in the late 1940's. The three original associations were primarily organized to facilitate access to the hotel and resort. During the 1940's, the association, in cooperation with the owner, Ed Smith, even organized social activities for residents, held at the Sylvia Lake Inn.


The person most responsible for organizing property owners to form our current association by calling the first meeting, was Carleton L. ("Slip") Toomey. The first association meeting was held on March 27, 1968, at the municipal building in Gouverneur. Fifty property owners attended this meeting, where they elected officers and came to tentative agreement on issues they wanted to work on: road improvement, pollution, and water control.


March 1, 2022 — On behalf of all the board members, I would like to welcome Alicia Porter as a director to the board and express our sincere thanks for her willingness to accept our invitation to be a part of what is a really strong group of decision makers!  


For those of you who know Alicia we are lucky to have her, especially during this time when we've got the ongoing project of educating lake residents on an integrated lake management approach to our milfoil problem. <Sandy Kraker, SLA President>

Association Newsletters

Dues provide funds for lake management projects, support for community social activities, as well as this website, an online store, newsletter mailings, contests, and awards. Association dues pay for managing invasive species like Eurasian Water Milfoil and Forest/Tent caterpillars. Pay your dues, support your community.

Pay Association Dues

OR Mail $25.00 dues to:


Cindy Shaw, Treasurer

9810 Mixer Road

Adams, NY 13605

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As the milfoil problem continues to threaten areas of the lake, the Milfoil Task Force (MTF) was organized and is exploring ways to combat this invasive weed, since our efforts over the years have not stopped the spread.


Milfoil Task Force Volunteers: Bill deLorraine, Ralph Undercoffler, Emily Sprague,  Sandy Kraker, Jane Dodds

Association Meeting Minutes

August 13




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