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Septic Servicing
Septic Servicing
Septic Servicing

It doesn’t matter if your camp was built in 1919 or 2007, there is one thing we all have in common... a septic system. Naturally, living on the shoreline, so close to Sylvia Lake, the quality and efficiency of our septic systems is critical... not only for our comfort and convenience, but for the health and well being of the water.

If you are planning a building project, the Sylvia Lake Association Board encourages you to assess your current waste water system to ensure that it can handle new showers, dishwashers etc. Untreated sewage contains disease-causing bacteria and viruses, as well as unhealthy amounts of nitrate and other chemicals. Failed septic systems can allow untreated sewage to seep into wells, groundwater and Sylvia’s surface water.

If you are having a large crowd or family reunion, consider renting portable toilets.
Conserve water to reduce amount of wastewater disposed of by your system.
Do laundry over several days.
Do not use separate pipes to a side ditch. Gray water contains bacteria. Germs can wind their way to the lake or seep into the groundwater.
Have your septic tank inspected regularly.
Call your county health department when you experience problems or if there are any signs of failure.
Keep detailed records.
Don’t use septic tank additives. They can cause your drain fields to clog.
Limit the use of garbage disposals.
Don’t plant anything over the drain field with an extensive root system.
Don’t drive over your tank and drain field.

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Septic Servicing
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