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911 Safety
911 Safety
911 Safety

Lea Dickson and Joe Lacks are heading up a committee to assure that 911 responders will be able to locate our homes at Sylvia Lake. The project will include signs for roads and individual properties.

To complete phase 1, we ask you to: Write down your 911 information then Call 911 from your Sylvia Lake phone. Tell the dispatcher "This is Not an Emergency" that you would like to review the information on their computer screen. Please be courteous, the dispatchers may be busy and ask you to call another time. It may be necessary to fill out a form to make changes.
Members of the 911 committee were busy last week installing new signage on the lake roads to help 911 response vehicles to emergencies on Sylvia Lake. The signs have reflective lettering that show up well at night. Shown here is Roy Smith putting up the access sign to Wintergreen Bay at the intersection of Old Beach Road and Sylvia Lake Road.

New signs have been installed on the following roads: South Shore Rd., Old Beach Rd., 59 County Rt. 24 (Langevin Lane), Hotel Road and access signs to Wintergreen Bay Rd. and North Shore Rd. All primary roads on Sylvia Lake now have 911 street signs. The Sylvia Lake Beach and Picnic Area sign, in need of fresh painting and lettering, has been redone as well.

These new signs are very important to the safety of our Sylvia Lake residents and visitors. If you see that any of these signs are stolen, vandalized or knocked down please call Joe at 287-1318 or Roy at 287-9961 to report such. Stealing or vandalizing these 911 signs could result in a felony criminal count.

If you have any 911 concerns or ideas feel free to contact Joe by phone or e-mail at Have a fire safe fall and winter...from Joe Lacks.
911 Committee Report - Sylvia Lake Association 2004 - Objective: To promote the safety of the citizens and residences of Sylvia Lake by upgrading current emergency procedures & response from local officials. The 911 committee of the Sylvia Lake Assoc. seeks ideas and recommendations from any lake resident. Its function is to address Emergency concerns for lake residents regarding EMS - Fire and Police response.

Current Concerns:
1. Correct 911 addresses listed with St.Lawrence County Central 911 Dispatch for each residential structure at Sylvia Lake. 2. Proper & correct 911 address posted at each residence at Sylvia Lake. 3. Identification of each road at the lake and side roads (new signs). 4. Updated Lake map with current road names and names of residences. 5. Meet with local EMS and Fire departments to update them on any changes here at the lake. 6. Local Crime watch/patrol.
Addressing the concerns:
1. Each camp/cottage/home at the lake should have a 911 address listed with St. Lawrence County 911 dispatch. When you call 911 your address and phone number and name will appear on the dispatchers computer screen during an emergency call to 911. Sometimes the information the screen may have is incorrect. If you wish to confirm your information to see if it is correct simply call 911 and tell the dispatcher that you are calling to confirm if the information they have for your address is correct. The dispatcher will read the information back to you. If it is not correct, tell the dispatcher and they will take the correct information for the correct changes. (Please note: a dispatcher may be busy with an actual emergency call. They may ask you to call back later. Do not be offended if they ask you to call later).
2. Each camp/cottage/home at the lake should have address numbers attached to the residence. Numbers should be at least 2 inches high and easily readable from the road for arriving emergency vehicles. Reflective numbers are best, especially at night. Names on the residences are very helpful, too.
3. Some of the lake roads do not have signs or have poorly visible road signs (ex. Old Beach Road). New reflective street signs should be put up at the start of each road. It has also been suggested that a uniform sign containing the names of each residence also appear at the start of each road and side roads leading to residences.
4. A new map of the lake with the current residences names and 911 # should be re- done and given to each residence and to local fire-ems and police agency. This will increase response time by arriving emergency vehicles.
5. Members of the 911 committee should meet at least annually with emergency response departments or at a time deemed necessary if important changes need to be implemented and have concerns brought up at each Sylvia Lake Assoc. meeting.

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911 Safety
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