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Message from the SLA President
Message from the SLA President
Message from the SLA President

Greetings for the Fall season, when a switch seems to go off after Labor Day. Boats and docks are being pulled, water shut off, school starting and the quiet of approaching winter sets in. The sounds of Fall construction also dominate the sound-scape with cottages under continual renovation.

First, I would like to thank outgoing president Bill deLorraine for his hard work and dedication to Sylvia Lake and the board. Bill has been on the board for many years and served as president since 2016. Kudos for giving back Bill!

As I assume the duties of SLA president for the 2nd time, I believe that the priorities of the board should continue to revolve around lake health, information, and assistance. Our mission will be to create an awareness of the biology of our lake, its surrounding landscape, and to work with lake residents to maintain the pristine lake we all enjoy so much.

This board and its subcommittees are so involved with the health of Sylvia, especially related to the invasion of Eurasian Milfoil, we feel the urgency to educate and involve lake residents in the elimination of that pesky plant. I’m sure most residents will agree that the growth of milfoil around the perimeter of the lake has increased to alarming levels. The volunteers who have given their time, the monies spent on 3rd party harvesting of milfoil and the time spent in preparing public information are indeed overwhelming. The challenges of the past year have temporarily slowed our progress but we are hopeful next year we will accelerate eradication efforts.

If you would like to become involved in this effort, consider joining us by filling the vacant Director position. We welcome any and all who are concerned about the health of our lake and want to take action.

A healthy lake environment also extends to appropriate planning for construction/maintenance adjacent to the shoreline, updated septic systems, unnecessary removal of trees and root systems, control and a general awareness of invasive plants, as well as courtesy on and off the water for fellow residents and their property.

We trust you will utilize the SLA board members & subcommittees, the SL website, and associated SL social media for any questions or concerns with regard to keeping our unique lake the gem that it is.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandy Kraker, Sylvia Lake Association President

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Message from the SLA President
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