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Ice Out '05
Ice Out '05
Ice Out '05

What does "ice out" mean?
According to Andy Dickson, the ice is out when "you can swim from one side of the lake to the other, if you are so inclined." (haha)
Gary Jones, our traditional Ice Out Judge, defines it as "when you can go for a boat ride. Generally it's pretty obvious when the majority of the ice breaks up creating a large area of open water."
Sonny Goodison says, "Sometimes when the ice goes out or in, it becomes what they call honey-combed. The ice appears OK but with some wind it just kind of tinkles and is gone. I've found out also that it mixes good with Scotch."

Sylvia Lake's Gary Jones made the final call: April 10, 2005
Four people guessed the correct day of Ice Out - Judy Butz, Harold Gotham (won the mug), Marilyn LaPierre, and Mary Jo Whalen.

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Ice Out '05
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