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Ferg's Fish Tales
Ferg's Fish Tales
Ferg's Fish Tales

September 23, 2004 - Gale Ferguson writes: Having retired from outings on Lake Ontario, where for nearly 20 years, Wednesday afternoons were the day for "Fishing with Fergy" aka "Always an Adventure!"

Here on Sylvia Pond, it has been a quiet and enjoyable summer. A few days ago, for the third time all summer, I was able to enjoy a couple hours at Sylvia Lake midweek and make a couple of new believers.

The Lure!
I must tell this part first so it's not lost in the story. The past weekend we had six divers from Buffalo help with our milfoil project. On Sunday, I took them "recreational diving" at a little known "hump" quite a ways off shore. In 36 feet of water, they found a new lure which they presented to me in appreciation for the hospitality and boat ride.

The Story!
As I was pulling away from the dock this afternoon, Rob Meyer was fishing nearby. He actually lost a fish as we watched - Took the pontoon boat over to his area to check out the secret of his success and found him to be quite dejected. That lost fish was the closest he had come to catching a fish in two days. Rob and I had been trying to share some time on the water all summer and today seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Rob parked his boat and jumped aboard A.O.2. As we started to rig, I produced "The Lure" and confirmed his speculation that it was indeed the very one that Rob had lost recently. He attached it to line, dropped back 150 feet and down 30 and I proceeded to load the other downrigger.

Shortly after that, Rob wondered why the first line was bouncing so - Fish On! Following an admirable battle which included circling back to the fish (8 pound test line) Rob landed the 30+ inch laker. (see photo) Using the Sylvia Lake formula of 3 pounds for the first 21 inches and 1 pound per inch thereafter I guessed the beauty would weigh 12 pounds. (An official scale later pegged it at 12 pounds 1 ounce!) While I fully expect Rob will inherit "Sylvia Fishmeister" title in the near future, it was a treat to have him aboard for for another "Lucky" day of Fishing with Fergy.

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Ferg's Fish Tales
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