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Caterpillar Diaries '06
Caterpillar Diaries '06
Caterpillar Diaries '06

Once again, the Sylvia Lake community, and the entire North Country, is faced with tent and forest tent caterpillars. Thanks to the generosity of our neighbors, we have contracted with the Duflo Aerial Spray Company to apply BTK for a third year.

Bacillus Thuringiensis subspecis Kurstaki crystals (an organic material, not chemical) will be sprayed from an airplane in an application of 80-100 microns (about the size of hair spray). When the worms ingest these spores, they lose interest in eating and die. BTK is considered friendly to human beings as well as other species of animals. BTK is only toxic to caterpillar larvae and must be eaten by them to be effective.

The Sylvia Lake Association Board of Directors met on Thursday, April 6, 2006, to discuss the health of the lake, forest and watershed areas. After much deliberation, they have concluded that we need to aerial spray for a third year. Where we have sprayed, over the past two springs, does show a significant, visible difference from the surrounding area that did not receive spraying.

The caterpillars are defying all known patterns and seem to be in an unusual cycle in this area. There are significant signs of caterpillar activity. Although we may not be hit as hard as other parts of St. Lawrence County, it is important to protect our fragile and stressed trees from this continuous assault. Protecting the trees that are left will protect the watershed. See information about the Reforestation Project.

The Duflo Aerial Spray Company has been contacted for scheduling and pricing options. We have been quoted $6,600.00 for the application. The cost to spray has increased to reflect the rise in fuel costs. We are encouraged that this will be our last year of spraying

Thank you very much for your continued support of the Sylvia Lake Association. Since 1968, the association has worked to preserve, protect, and promote the welfare of the lake. A complete financial report will be provided at the Spring Association Meeting: June 9, 2006, Fowler Town Hall, 7:00 PM.

Sylvia Lake Online Note: 4/29/06---I have seen the tiny caterpillars myself. They are everywhere, even though there are no leaves yet. Twigs are full of them...about an eighth of an inch long. As soon as the leaves come out, they will begin to feed. PLEASE help save what trees we have left. Send your contribution today.

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Caterpillar Diaries '06
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