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Association Survey- Followup
Association Survey- Followup
Association Survey- Followup

In mid-October 2022, the Sylvia Lake Association Board sent out a “Milfoil Survey - Request for Input.” This Information and Action Survey was sent to 170 property owners at their tax map address (~150 different people/ Trusts/ LLCs/ Partnerships.) Surveys were sent via Certified Mail, with a stamped return address envelope, one ballot per lake property 911 address. Board members hand-delivered about 20.

100 surveys were returned. Six additional mail pieces were returned because recipient refused to sign for the Certified Mail. The Town of Fowler responded that they would not be voting for their properties, saying that lakers should make these decisions. Survey response rate, after considering these 8 non-participants, is 100/162, rounds to 62%. 

The Survey asked participants to use a ranked-choice vote, to indicate their preference for four options, ranking the four options in order of what they wanted us to do. Of the countable ballots,  one person voted for “option 5 - do more research.”

Of the remaining 99 ballots first choices: 

68 = Option 4  (move forward with application & permit to use ProcellaCor)

13 = Option 2  (provide information/education for individuals to manage their own shorefront)

10 = Option 1  (do nothing)

  8 = Option 3  (continue contracted hand-harvesting)

68% chose Option 4 as their first choice. 

Of the 31 who  chose other options first,  8 said that Option 4 was their second choice  

76% of respondents  chose Option 4 as their first or second choice. 

We appreciate everyone who participated in this survey. The document indicated that, "If you do not return your ballot by December 1, we will assume you agree with the majority." 

Since 76%  of respondents indicated interest in utilizing ProCellaCor, the Board will move forward to determine who can/should request permits. In addition, the Board will work on partnerships for permitting and funding a targeted, limited utilization of ProcellaCor, to address the milfoil infestation on the South shore of Sylvia Lake.

Any questions about this survey can be directed to SLA Board members -  email links are on the website Contact menu.  For questions about participant mailing addresses or returns, contact the  Secretary at
We will update this space as we proceed with any actions going forward. 

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Association Survey- Followup
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