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27th Charlie Ferguson Fishing Derby
27th Charlie Ferguson Fishing Derby
27th Charlie Ferguson Fishing Derby

The weather was not sunny... in fact, it was a misty, cloudy day for the 27th Annual Charlie Ferguson Memorial Fishing Derby. The weather didn't dampen the spirit of the Derby, though. An awards ceremony was conducted in the middle of the lake after all the results were in. Thank you to the Ferguson family for the event and to the Force family, who have traditionally provided the Derby trophies.

The Charlie Ferguson Memorial Fishing Derby was started by Marilyn and Roger LaPierre in 1982 to honor Charlie Ferguson. His son, Gale (Ferg) and the Ferguson family continue the tradition today. When asked about the history of the derby, Ferg wrote the following: The original intent of the derby was to promote a day or two of "family fishing" like Charlie always provided for the kids in the neighborhood.

Rock bass were selected as they are so plentiful it's impossible to really impact the population. They are easy to catch (great entertainment for the kids) and their numbers must consume tremendous amounts of food which the regular bass, rainbows and lake trout compete for. Sunfish which are also numerous, easy to catch and colorful are specifically promoted as catch and release to again provide easy fishing for the kids. Thank you to Ferg for this year's photographs.

Youngest Fisherman / Angelo Viola on his 2nd birthday.
Largest Panfish / A trophy sized Rock Bass caught by Jack Patenode
Largest Trout / Danielle Syrek Lake Trout and Rainbow
Most Rock Bass (101) Tyler, Jake and Kyle from the Butz Camp
Largest Bass / Avery Hayden with 15 inch+ Largemouth and Smallmouths

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27th Charlie Ferguson Fishing Derby
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