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"Sylvia Lake Legacy" Book Launch
"Sylvia Lake Legacy" Book Launch
"Sylvia Lake Legacy" Book Launch

"Sylvia Lake Legacy: 1807-2007" Three years in the making... the committee responsible for the second book about Sylvia Lake: Jeanette Perry, Mary Whalen, Olive Horning, Katie Pistolesi, Linda
Scott, Marilyn LaPierre, Shari Barnhart, and Crystal Leonard.

In 2003, Katie Pistolesi and Jeanette Perry began the update process by sending requests for information to property owners. In 2004, money for the book publication process was donated by the Dickson siblings in honor of their parents, Andy and Norinne. Shari Barnhart and Lea Dickson moved to Sylvia Lake in 2003, and offered to help in the effort, and another letter was sent. In 2005, Olive Horning, Mary Whalen, Linda Scott, Katie and Jeanette, met for the first time to hammer out the content. In 2006, the first draft was being read and written. 2007- Book Publication.

The new full-color book, Sylvia Lake Legacy: 1807-2007, has a spiral- wire binding (so it doesn't come apart with age) and 190 pages. It includes all the property information and photos from the 1980's book. It will also include signature Sylvia Lake recipes, articles and lots of photos. With the book, lakers will receive a new Sylvia Lake map by Bill deLorraine and a digital version of the entire 1980's book on a CD.

Shari Barnhart, Rainbowtech Designs, did the book's editing, layout, and final publishing. The book was published by BookMasters, Inc. in Ashland, Ohio. They also duplicated the CD.

To celebrate the completion of the project that updated the 1980's Sylvia Lake book, the Sylvia Lake Association is throwing a Book Launch Party. The June 15th Spring Association Meeting will be a party at the Gouverneur Country Club. Hors d'oeuvres will be served and there will be a cash bar. A raffle for Sylvia Lake items will be held to benefit lake management programs.

June 15, 2007 was a beautiful night for a party. We had great food, wonderful gifts and raffles and the book, Sylvia Lake Legacy. The Sylvia Lake Association and the Book Publication Committee were thrilled to present the new book to the community in such a great way. Thank you to the Book Committee, Shari Barnhart, Katie Pistolesi, Olive Horning, Mary Whalen, Linda Scott, Jeanette Perry, Crystal Leonard and Marilyn LaPierre. A gift book was presented to the Town of Fowler in recognition of Fowler’s 200th birthday. It was accepted by Connie Bishop, Fowler Town Historian and Nancy Cappellino, Chair of the Bicentennial Committee.

Bill de Lorraine was presented a book for his invaluable contribution of the updated property map.
Shari Barnhart, the book’s editor and publisher was presented a beautiful clock from the book committee members, engraved by Brown’s Jewelry Store.

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"Sylvia Lake Legacy" Book Launch
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