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The Sylvia Lake Association Board & Milfoil Task Force (MTF) have been working for years to solve the problem of milfoil in our lake. At this point,  we have formulated four options going forward.


Do Nothing.  Leave it up to each property owner to deal with milfoil in their area. Understand that some areas, especially those with absentee owners, may become densely overgrown. Motorboats passing through milfoil will chop and disperse sprigs, which can root in other areas.    


Cost:  $0. 


Continue to contract for hand harvesting, or other mechanical removal options. The professionals at Aqualogic, who have spent over four weeks in Sylvia Lake, estimate that it would take 14-20 weeks per year, for up to 10 years, to completely eliminate the current milfoil infestation. We would need to find a new harvesting company, as Aqualogic is currently only contracting with Lakes who have adopted an integrated approach including herbicides.    


Estimated cost: $8,750. a week for 14 weeks (one full summer)  $122,500.00 // over the recommended 8-10 years


SLA coordinates education programs for owners/ campers, to facilitate management on individual owners’ shoreline. This would require new, committed volunteers for the Milfoil Task Force to help teach owners about hand harvesting, plant removal, and utilizing benthic barrier mats in their neighborhood. Would not address milfoil in non-resident areas.     


Cost: volunteer hours, shore owners participation, and owner investment in appropriate barrier mats. 


Move forward with an application to request a permit for limited herbicide application, only in the dense milfoil patch on the South Shore, between the Pumphouse and the Inlet. The permitting process will provide us with information about the timing, cost, required notifications, and reporting requirements of utilizing ProcellaCor. We would update the community, via our website, at every stage of the permitting process.  


Estimated Cost:  $15,000.00

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