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Lake Roads Cleanup Week
Lake Roads Cleanup Week
Lake Roads Cleanup Week

The Sylvia Lake Association is sponsoring the collection of litter and other unwanted/ discarded trash and debris on our lake access roads May 8-14. The aim is to restore the natural beauty and cleanliness of the surrounding woodlands. All seasonal and full-time residents are encouraged to make an extra effort the week of May 8th to collect litter and trash discarded along the access roads to our homes and cottages. Collected litter and trash should be bagged and/or neatly piled roadside to be loaded and transported to the St Lawrence County Transfer Station on May 14th.

The project is targeting discarded cans, bottles, and other trash; long abandoned or discarded household items readily seen/retrievable from the access roads (old broken toilets, metal and plastic buckets, paint pails, etc.)  RECENT CONSTRUCTION AND DEMOLITION DEBRIS WILL NOT BE COLLECTED. LIKEWISE, NO HOUSEHOLD TRASH. All metal collected will be recycled at the Fowler Town Buildings.

AND ITS FREE. The Sylvia Lake Association is covering the costs of disposal at the Transfer Station, but donations to off-set the disposal fees are welcome and can be made to the Association Treasurer, Cindy Shaw.

Contact Bill Cook (Event Coordinator) at (484) 447-2643 or or any Association Board member, (via the website) and we will do our best to support your individual clean-up efforts. Let Bill know if you are available on Saturday, May 14th to assist with the pick-up and transport to the SLC Transfer Station.

The Association appreciates the efforts by year-round residents and local area cottage owners who routinely travel and walk the access roads and make a habit of picking up and collecting litter to help keep our access roads clean and tidy throughout the year. Thank you.

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Lake Roads Cleanup Week
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