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Boat Parade '04
Boat Parade '04
Boat Parade '04

The Sylvia Lake Boat Parade was the best ever! Special thanks to the Margaritive-Putman Camp for their effort. They decorated their boat, but it would not start. They received 1st place in the "No Show" division. Everyone who made an effort for the parade was a winner. But here are the results from the voting at the picnic. Thanks to the Andy Leonard Camp for organizing the voting!

1st Place - Boat Division - S.O.S.- Kirby Camp
1st Place - (Most Creative) Party Boat - Sylvia Lake Firemen - Lacks and Smith
2nd Place - Party Boat - Grease - Leonard Camp
2nd Place - (Most Original) Boat - Grandpa's Boys - Allen Camp
3rd Place - Boat - Water Balloon Attack - Force Camp
3rd Place - Party Boat - Birthday Barge - Spillman Camp
4th Place - Boat - SylviaLake.Org - Cliffside Cottage
Honorable Mention - Most Energetic - Kayaker

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Boat Parade '04
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