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Bear Alert!
Bear Alert!
Bear Alert!

At the August 11, 2012 Association meeting, Terri Metzger, (Wintergreen Bay) reported that a 450+ lb. bear is still very active in their area. It is believed there are more bears, but there is certainly this very big boy in the Wintergreen Bay neighborhood.

Although there have been sightings and encounters all over the lake this summer, at this time (mid August) the most active area is Wintergreen Bay/Old Beach. Craig and Terri have been in contact with an officer from DEC who wants to be alerted to any sightings. If necessary, he will come over from Watertown. He is going to use rubber bullets on the big boy in Wintergreen Bay, in hopes to discourage him. But if he continues to be a problem, relocation by other means may be necessary.

Prevent problems by:
- Secure bags of trash inside cans stored in a garage, basement or other secure area, and placing the cans outside, as late as possible, on trash pick-up days — not the night before.
- Bear proof your existing garbage container with a secure latching system. Plastic containers are no match for a bear.
- Discontinue feeding wild birds during spring and summer, especially in areas close to bear habitat or if residents are aware of bear activity in the vicinity. Even if bird feeders are removed at night, bears are still attracted to seed that spills on the ground.
- If you live in an area with bear activity, don't leave home with windows or doors open and nothing but a screen to prevent an animal from gaining access to the house.
- Avoiding "free feeding" pets outdoors. If you must feed pets outdoors, make sure all food is consumed and empty bowls are removed.
- Cleaning all food and grease from barbecue grills after each use. Bears are attracted to food odors and may investigate.

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Bear Alert!
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