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911 Signage Project
911 Signage Project
911 Signage Project

The Sylvia Lake map is now in digital form and first responders are provided multiple copies so as to facilitate reaching any of us in time of need. There is regular coordination with the Real Properties tax office so as to keep the map up to date.

More recently the Association provided reflective signs and address numbers for all the residences on the lake to make it even easier for first responder personnel to locate specific addresses. Thanks to all who brought this to fruition because it was a lot of work, affixing the reflective numbers to the green signs, putting components of the packets together, distributing the packets to neighborhoods and residences – the list goes on; kudos to all involved in this important community effort!

This letter was included in the 911 number packets, distributed in the Spring, 2016:

Dear Fellow Sylvia Lake Resident,
The Sylvia Lake Association is pleased to provide you with your property’s 911 Address Packet. In it you'll find a green sign with 4" reflective numbers corresponding to your 911 address. Also included are four exterior grade, ceramic-coated, mounting screws. Installation of these signs will help to ensure the correct and timely arrival of appropriate Fire/EMS/Law Enforcement agencies in the event of an emergency and ensures compliance with provisions of the NYS Fire Code.

Here are some helpful guidelines we found:
• The street number must be visible from both directions. Post your address where it can easily be seen from the roadway either direction by Fire, EMS, or Law Enforcement first responders.
• If the house is more than 75 feet from the roadway, the number should be displayed on a post or mailbox, no farther than 25 feet from the edge of the street, and on the same side of the street as the house.
• When practical, the numbers should be placed near a light so that they may be readily seen at night. If the numbers are not illuminated, they should be reflective.
• All numbers should be located at least 4 feet above the ground.

(Photos from the Kickoff in the Spring, 2017, when the 911 numbers were distributed.)

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911 Signage Project
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